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There have been a lot of great movies released this past summer.  Yes, I hate to say it, but the summer is nearing it’s end.  I say this on what feels like a cool, fall day.  But don’t let summer’s inevitable demise get you down.  Here are some movies for you to look forward to.

Ant Man and the Wasp

Ok, so maybe not the best trailer out there.  But definitely a teaser to let you know that Ant Man and the Wasp is currently in production.  This movie is expected to be released until next July.  Hopefully it will be warmer by then!

Death Wish

While this typically isn’t my kind of movie, I can really see myself getting into this one.  Maybe it’s the idea of vigilante justice that we see in super hero movies, but Bruce Willis isn’t exactly a super hero.  Just a guy wanting to avenge the death of his wife.  The movie is expected out November 22nd, and has a pretty big cast.  I look forward to this one.


Think Finding Nemo meets Madagascar meets the Little Mermaid.  It takes place in the ocean.  Some young sea creatures go on an epic adventure in order to save their home.  A home that they put in danger themselves by not heeding to the warnings of their elders.  Overall, it looks super cute and I can’t wait to see it.  Launching on August 25th in select theatres.

First They Killed My Father

First They Killed My Father is Angelina Jolie’s movie that she made for Netflix.  It is about the horrors in Cambodia, as told by a daughter who still remembers everything.  The film opens on September 15th.  It looks like it will be a really good movie, given the circumstances as it’s based on a true story.  Or stories.  Definitely one to check out.

Goodbye Christopher Robin

This is the story of Christopher Robin.  Before Winnie the Pooh.  But it’s categorized as a war movie.  I would say that it leans more towards the family genre, with undertones of war.  It is the real story about how Winnie the Pooh came to be.  Starring Margot Robbie, who looks gorgeous in all of her movies, Goodbye Christopher Robin is expected to premiere on October 13th.


Jennifer Lawrence stars in this horror movie called Mother!  The trailer isn’t very long, but because I’m deathly afraid of all horror movie, it scared me.  I’m not sure when it’s going to be released, but this is definitely one that I am going to skip!


Stratton is a movie about special forces looking to take down a special terrorist.  The film comes out on September 1st in the UK, but you may be ale to find it online already.  It’s your typical action movie, if I’m being honest.  They all have a different spin, so if you’re an action fan, this is one you should definitely check out.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard

This movie is part action, part comedy and part romance. I know, that sounds extremely confusing, but that’s the best way to describe it.  It stars Samuel L. Jackson, Ryan Reynolds and Salma Hayek.  The movie might just be a deal breaker for the fact that Samuel L., drops the m-f bomb.  I mean, what more can you ask for in a movie?

What Happened to Monday?

What Happened to Monday is a movie, not about the day of the week, but the name of one of seven identical septuplets who share the same identity.  In this movie, families can only have one child.  Noomi Rapace plays all the characters Monday through Sunday.  Willem Dafoe plays the father, and Glen Close plays the one they’re trying to get away from.  It looks like it would be interesting.  Coming to Netflix on August 18,


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