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Have you ever re-taken a photo over and over again, just so you could get it right for Instagram? If you’ve been on Instagram for at least 5 years, you’ve probably noticed that your engagement has steadily decreased.  We discussed the reasons for this in another post, which I recommend you check out.  But, let’s just say that it’s related to this new algorithm that they have implemented.  If you’re worried about getting the right shot for your feed, have a look at these tips to make every picture perfect.


Keep Your Aesthetic Consistent

If you follow anyone relatively famous on Instagram, say Kim Kardashian, you will notice that their photos are somewhat similar.  This could be the poses, the filters, the editing they choose or the colours in their photos.  But this makes their feeds look extremely uniform.  Which sounds extremely pretentious, but keep that in mind when you’re posting.  Why?  Honestly, it’s just about how it looks.   An Instagram account that is uniformly similar in some way – let’s say colour – is more appealing to the eye than one that isn’t.

One way to do this is to use the same filter over and over again.  This makes me laugh because this is something that I do.  But not because I was trying to make it look a certain way, but because I really like one or two filters.  If you want to, you can switch things up and use filters with similar hues and contrasts that will make certain colours of your photos stand out more than others.

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Copy The Kings and Queens of IG

Take some inspiration from the big names of Instagram.  Which isn’t a bad thing in this case.  There’s a reason why Kim Kardashian have millions of followers.  And it’s because they’re trendsetters in their own way.  There is no shame in getting inspiration from the IG heavy hitters, but it’s important to make it your own.  Don’t copy them flat out.  But also make sure there is variety in your own content.

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Trends, Trends and More Trends

Have a look at what trends are popular right now.  Have you noticed how many Boomerangs have increased over the past year?  And maybe you haven’t noticed, but people aren’t using borders any more.  These are trends.  Some come and some go. It’s important to pay attention to them and understand what is a trend.

Yet another Kim K example.  She has started editing her images to look as if they were snapped with a disposable camera.  Giving them a less than high quality look to them.  This has literally started a trend.  You don’t actually have to use that kind of camera, obviously there are tools out there to do that.  But think about this from the perspective of just how influential she is. Honestly, who wants to see disposable camera photos in 2017?


Less is More

I mean, this one is kind of self explanatory, isn’t it?  In general, I think this adage can be applied to many things in life.  But, we are seeing a trend where people are keeping things simple and clean.  You’ve probably seen these kinds of images, where it’s just one or two simple things.  These kinds of images are popular because they’re simple and allow people to focus on the object without any background distractions.  As I mentioned in my other article, you should try to keep yourself to one post every couple of days.  This will help you increase your engagement.



Instead of taking a photo, why not try a Boomerang?  Shooting a Boomerang is really fun, and it’s a creative way to turn a dull, boring picture into a GIF-like loop.  Don’t stare at the Boomerang too long.  Or at least that’s my warning to you.


Get Weird and Creative

Most of this article has been about what other people are doing.  But you also have to know how to stand out from the crowd.  And how do you do this, you ask?  Get creative.  One way that youc an change things up with your pictures is to invest in an external lense for your iPhone.  Gorillapod is a good way to set up your shots and change the angle in terms of perspective.

There are a lot of neat things you can do in the editing process.  Find something that speaks to you and use it to improve your images by adding texture, for example.  But at the end of the day, you have to do what works for you. Find something that you love, and keep at it.

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