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There’s a couple of things happening right now.  One of which has my mind blown just ever so slightly.  First of all, there have been some reports (as of yesterday) about what the iPhone 8 might look like.  But now I’m seeing (just moments ago) that we might also have some information about the iPhone 9?  The reason my mind is blown is because I can’t even fathom a 9, without seeing the 8 first.  I mean, yes, I can understand what that is, but I can’t understand how you can have a concept for it already.  Isn’t the point of these updates to build on the previous versions in order to build a better product?  It almost seems like they’re jumping the gun.  Or they already know what the design flaws are going to be?  Maybe it’s too late to make those changes now.

Either way, this is a lot of iPhone news.

While the source of the iPhone 8 leak might not be completely reliable, I think the information presented likely is.   The leak also gives us some information about the iPhone 7.  Indicating that they will stick with the 32GB, 128GB and 256GB versions for the 7.  And only have a 128GB and 256GB option for the 8.  Which is amazing, isn’t it?  It seems odd that the 7 still has the option for 32GB, but I guess there are some people out there who only want that much storage? I am not one of them.  Especially when some apps take up a lot of space on your phone.  Can you say GarageBand for iOS?

iphone 8

The leak for the iPhone 8 is coming out of China, so the US prices might be different.  That being said, the 256GB iPhone 8 is priced at $1,316.  But like I said, this number might be off slightly for a variety of reasons.  Which is kind of insane for a phone, isn’t it?  Maybe it is, and maybe it isn’t given how much we use our phones.  It’s literally a computer in your pocket, at all times.  So perhaps this isn’t an outrageous price?

The iPhone 8  is rumoured to be released towards the end of September. There have been a few dates thrown out there, so let’s just say “towards the end”.  Maybe even the middle. But wait for it.. because we might be looking towards an iPhone 9 already.  Like I said, isn’t this a bit early?  Well, maybe not for Apple.  They are apparently developing two new OLED iPhones, one of which includes a 5.85 inch model, and one that is a 6.46 inch model.

The 5.85 inch model will be the same size as the iPhone 8.  But Apple has started working with Samsung Display in order to get a jump on next years devices.  But maybe a little bit early?  The reason for that might be because they’re adding another Plus model into the development mix.  Which makes me think that maybe this isn’t really news? After all, Apple has a lot to take into consideration when it comes to developing the new products.  And making decisions sooner, rather than later, likely aids in that process.

I do think, however, that they should wait to get some feedback on the upcoming phones.  But maybe I’m being naive.  Maybe they have enough information to go ahead and make the next generation.  They are Apple, after all.  That being said, I think that the hype for the “iPhone 9” might overshadow the launch of the iPhone 8.  It’s a big premature to make any announcements, and really, it’s hard to control leaks.  But will this make any difference towards the iPhone 8 sales? I’m guessing not.  Apple has a sound product, that speaks for itself.

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