YouTube has officially announced a new update to its iOS app, that will allow users to live stream more content and add better moderation tools for its chat system.  The YouTube app for iOS now supports allowing users to live stream their iPhone’s display directly, without having to use the standalone YouTube Gaming app.  Which was a previous requirement.  This feature has been available for Android users for some time now, which makes it a welcomed addition for iOS users who want to live stream their iOS device without using a separate app.

It seems to me like YouTube requires you to go to different apps to do different things.  Maybe it’s just an iOS requirement.  But, for some reason, they don’t make using their platform easy.  Especially when it comes to creating content and posting it online.  So I’m happy to see that they’re making some changes to at least make it easier for users.  After all, who is going to use an app that requires them to jump through hoops?


In addition to this update, YouTube is also making lower latency streaming possible on iOS devices as well.  Which should make it more appealing for content creators to keep an eye on their chat streams as they happen.  It also means that for people watching, they can have a more real time conversation with the creator.  YouTube will also be rolling out better chat moderation tools for content creators too.

Why is YouTube doing this now?  They’ve had a couple of updates recently, so it kind of makes you wonder, doesn’t it?  Some speculate that these changes are to help them compete with their rivals like Amazon’s Twitch or Microsoft’s Mixer.  So is this a competition thing, or are they actually trying to make their product easier to use?  That’s hard to say, really.  Regardless of the answer, these are winning features for YouTube.

The ability to live stream from the iPhone has been more of a gradual roll out.  Initially, they had made live streaming available to hose who had at least 10,000 subscribers or more.  But then, in April, they dropped it down to those who just had 1,000 subscribers or more. But the update allows iPhone users to stream what’s actually on their screen within the main YouTube app.  That means, if you’re playing a game or drawing some kind of sketch on your iPhone, you can stream it directly to YouTube.

youtube streaming content

Like I said – are these changes coming because YouTube wants a better product?  Or is there something else to it?  As you can see from the pie chart above, YouTube has it’s work cut out for itself in relation to Twitch.  Twitch is always adding new features that appeal directly to video game streamers who want to generate revenue for their channels. But that’s only related to video game streamers.  They are a large part of the market, but it’s also about catering to video creators in general.  Which includes gamers.  YouTube notes that it is being used for a number of things that go beyond gaming.  Like the live streaming of the eclipse, streams of sports matches, chats with music stars. And who could forget that giraffe giving birth?  I mean, I want to, but I can’t seem to forget about it.


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