Incredible Domino Tricks That Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind


Did you ever play dominoes as a kid?  And if so, did you ever try to set it up with a pattern? Dominoes has become quite the business over the last couple of years.  I don’t mean business in a money-making venture, although I’m sure that’s not far off (if not already happening).  People are spending weeks and months assembling dominoes in order to create some insane tricks.  Check out these videos and see if you can wrap your brain around how they do it.  Think of the size of the room they must need in order to get all those pieces in there.  Think of the steady hand you would have to have to be able to stack those just right.  These are just so incredible.

As a side note – if you’re experiencing a migraine or any kind of head pain, these are not the videos for you.

The intricacy of it all is incredible.  From the rolls of tape in the first video to the hand weights in the second.  They tape some of the pieces together.  It’s truly amazing.  It’s also amazing to think about all the preparation and planning that would need to go into this, and understanding of how things move etc.  I can’t say it enough, these videos are both amazing and insane.

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