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In the wake of the Kevin Spacey sexual assault allegation, Netflix announced that they were canceling House of Cards after the sixth season.  But there is speculation that season six might not even get to air.  Which all make sense as Netflix is taking these allegations very seriously.  I don’t necessarily know if that’s Netflix being diligent, or if they’re concerned about this in light of the Harvey Weinstein scandal.  Both are horrible, but I do question their motives with this move.  Regardless, however, the show will likely go on in one form or another.  But without Frank Underwood, and in the form of a spin-off.  This could work.

In my previous post about this, I suggested that the show could go on without Frank Underwood.  He could be killed off, for example.  Or they could even send him to prison where we never see him again.  But that doesn’t really work because Kevin Spacey is an executive producer on the show.  And if Netflix wants to distance themselves from him, the whole show has to collapse.  No pun intended.  Although, I did set it up that way.

Which is why this idea of a spin-off is a really good one.  If the allegations are true (and I’m not suggesting they aren’t.  I am merely taking a neutral stance until more information is provided.) Netflix will not want to work with Spacey.  However, if they aren’t true, then this isn’t a great move for Netflix. I say this because House of Cards is what got Netflix started with its original programming.  Sure, it had to come to an end at some point, but the show took a really interesting twist in season five.  I also think a spin-off is a good idea because of the cast and crew.  Why should they get punished?  They’re suddenly without a job if there is no spin-off.


There are a few ideas floating around about what the spin-off would look like.  And as I alluded to, this could really work considering how season five ended. But one idea that they’re toying with revolves around Doug Stamper.  Stamper is a political aide played by Michael Kelly.  If you’re a fan of the show, you will be familiar with the great lengths that Stamper has gone to in order to help Frank Underwood and cover up his tracks.  You will also know that Stamper is an incredibly dark character and this could take the show in a completely different direction.

I was always interested in seeing more of his character.  It always felt like he was on the edge of something.  Which is why I think Netflix is onto something here with a Doug Stamper spin-off.  But they could also do something with the character of Claire Underwood.  Especially with the ending to season five.  I wonder, though, if there’s enough to sustain a show just around that character?  Don’t get me wrong, Robin Wright is phenomenal, but I wonder if the character has enough depth and depravity like we see with Frank Underwood.

On one hand, I’m sad to see the show canceled, but in light of these allegations, I don’t see any other course of action.  If and when a spin-off gets made, I’m sure it will be incredible as most things from Netflix seem to be.

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