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Some people are still trying to work through the gesture features on the iPhone X.  The fact that there is no home button is still causing some issues. Perhaps not with all the gestures, but there are a ton of gestures after all.  How do you remember them all anyway?  Some people aren’t finding it to be an issue at all, but for those of you who are there is a trick  Well, it’s not really a trick.  But there is a feature in iOS called AssistiveTouch.  It’s found under the accessibility settings and it helps people with disabilities to be able to use the iPhone.  What’s interesting about this is that Apple is utilizing universal design.  Meaning – it’s not just for people with disabilities.  It benefits anyone.  And this is my favorite thing in the world.

AssistiveTouch is a feature in the accessibility settings of iOS that puts a floating, virtual home button on your screen that you can drag wherever you want. You can configure the button to perform four different actions based on whether you tap, double tap, 3D touch or hold it down.  You can make the button look opaque so it won’t draw attention to the feature.  If you’ve got free space on your home screen, this is the thing to do.  That is if you’re really missing the home button.  Enabling AssistiveTouch doesn’t necessarily turn off or get rid of the swiping gestures.  It merely provides you with another option.

You could set the button up in the physical place of the old home button.  This is likely helpful as you’re probably hitting it 100 times a day.  It doesn’t make it any faster than swiping up on the indicator. It probably takes about the same amount of time.  And FaceID works well in both scenarios.  A double-tap will pull up the multitasking menu – just like the old home button shortcut.  If you’ve got 3D Touch on the virtual button, Control Center appears.

I think it’s a great tool.  And convenient, but you should really try to get used to the gestures if you can.  Apple does a really good job at making accessibility a priority.  I like when I see other people using these features as it demonstrates the need isn’t just to benefit people with disabilities.  But that it can be beneficial for us all.

Is this something you think you can use?  Are you missing the home button already?  It seems like a foreign concept to me.  Not having the home button, but having all these gestures to figure out how to operate your phone.  I realize it’s not a big divergence from how we would operate our older iPhones.  But it seems like a big leap each time a new thing came into place.  It took me a while to get used to pressing the home button in order to bring the unlock screen up.  I was so used to swiping.  And I think this is going to be like that.  Not a huge deal, but something that people are going to have to get used to.


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