iOS 11 works on all iPhones going back to the iPhone 5s.  But the update seems to be causing a lot of problems for people.  Many reporting that the update has slowed their phone down to a turtle-paced crawl.  The good news is that iOS 11.1 apparently speeds everything up a bit.  We are concerned that you might not get back the sharp aspects of iOS 10, but it’s time to move on.  So what’s not working exactly?

Music Player Controls

Some users are reporting problems with Spotify not playing nice with the playback buttons on the iOS 11 Control Center.  In order to fix this problem, however, all you need is a simple app update.  Users have reported that the problem disappears with the updated Spotify app for iOS.  In other cases, rebooting the phone and fully deleting and then reinstalling Spotify also works.  But that’s a lot of work to achieve something that shouldn’t be this difficult.

Poor Battery Life

With iOS updates, there always seems to be issues related to battery life.  In theory, a  new update should alleviate any battery drain problems, because Apple optimizes the code and improves its efficiency.  But that’s not the case.  The fix to this one is to keep looking for software updates and apply them as soon as they show up.  Don’t forget to update your apps too.  Developers will be optimizing their apps in order to ensure they play nice with iOS 11.

iphone wifi problems

Wi-fi and Bluetooth Won’t Turn Off

Apple is saying that this isn’t a bug.  The toggle switches for wi-fi and Bluetooth in the new Control Center don’t actually turn wi-fi and Bluetooth off.  Huh?  Instead, they disconnect you from whatever you are currently connected to.  Which actually makes sense to me.  This means the radios in your phone are still on, looking for new connections.  Sometimes I disconnect my wi-fi as it tries to pick up the network at my office.  So I will often try to disconnect from the network and then forget to turn it back on again.  So this is one “bug” that I like.  If you’re not like me, and you actually want to turn off your wi-fi or Bluetooth you will need to head to Settings.

ios calculator

Wrong Calculator Answers

This is kind of weird.  But apparently, the calendar has been occasionally spitting out the wrong answers.  There isn’t much you can do about this one except wait for a fix from Apple.  Which is cool, but now I’m worried that I have miscalculated something major.

Apps Freezing or Crashing

Numerous reports have come in of iOS 11 causing apps to freeze and crash, which is pretty much to be expected whenever a new edition of iOS rolls around. If uninstalling and reinstalling the latest version of the app doesn’t fix the bug, then you’re probably stuck waiting for either Apple or the developer to do something about it. Apple finally stopped its support for 32-bit apps, so that might be why your older apps aren’t working.

Crackling Audio

Apparently, there are some crackling audio problems with the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus.  This is one that Apple should have fixed.  The iOS 11.0.2 upgrade included a specific fix for new phones that were having the crackling audio problem during calls, as well as a number of other bug-squashing patches.

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