This year has been really good for Nintendo.  The Switch is off to a really good start, and its expected to top the Wii U’s lifetime sales by early next year.  The SNES Classic was released in September and it sold out immediately.  This was partially because they had more stock than the NES Classic had when they launched. It was smart for them to produce more consoles, but they have still been incredibly hard to come by over the last few months.  Which is something that we predicted, but also not a surprise.  That being said, Best Buy is going to make a lot of customers really happy because they are going to have more of the SNES Classics in stock.

Best Buy explained in a post, “when stores open at 9 a.m. local time Saturday, limited quantities of the SNES will be available in about 1,000 Best Buy stores across the country. The Super NES Classic Edition will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Our stores will offer a ticketing process before we open for customers waiting in line – the same ticketing process we’ll offer for the Saturday doorbuster deals.”

The key to this one is that you have to get a ticket from a Best Buy employee in order to get the console.  The good news is that they are only going to hand out as many tickets as there are consoles.  Which means that if you get a ticket, you are guaranteed to get a console.  This is a good strategy as they acknowledge that they are limited to the number of units they have, so they aren’t overpromising.  Are you listening Apple?  That being said, why didn’t they produce more units?


We wrote a post on this a few months ago, and I still can’t understand why they muddled this one.  There’s the possibility that they did it so they could create more hype and thus sales around the product.  That is one strategy.  But like I have been saying for months – this is a niche market.  These consoles aren’t the latest and greatest technology (iPhone X) that everyone wants to get their hands on.  There is a group of people who want one of these units from a nostalgia perspective.  And that group of people is kind of large.  It’s also a group of people with disposable income.  This isn’t a group of kids asking their parents to buy them something.  They themselves have the money and want to get one of these units.

That being said, there are more units available.  Finally.  And you will be able to get them before Christmas.  Unlike with Apple, I don’t think this is a marketing strategy.  I think Nintendo underestimated (again) how many of these units they were going to sell.  Obviously, it’s better to underestimate than to overestimate, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating if you’re a consumer.

If you didn’t completely tire yourself out shopping on Black Friday, you might be able to get a SNES Classic before the holidays.  No one really knows if more units will be available, so this might be your last chance.  Head over to your local Best Buy and let us know if you were able to get your hands on a console.

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