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Instagram Business Community Grows to 25 Million – Up 9 Million in Just Four Months

instagram for business
Instagram is celebrating an incredible milestone. The number of businesses on Instagram grew by 9 million to 25 million in the last four months.

instagram for business

Instagram has announced that their social media platform is being used by 25 million businesses as of November.  That’s incredible.  But what’s insane is the amount of growth that it’s seen over the last few months as business users have increased by 9 million over the last four months.  9 million in four months! We talk a lot about the Stories feature on Saintel Daily, and there’s a reason for that – it alone has 300 million daily active users.  Which is almost double to what Snapchat has.  This means it’s an incredible place to promote your business.  As a side note, I sometimes look at the Stories in my local area, and I often find businesses promoting their products and services on there.  From there I discovered an amazing little non-profit that I actively support now.  So these metrics don’t surprise me at all.

instagram stories

As of the latest data, Instagram’s total monthly active users have reached 800 million and 80% of those users follow a business.  I am included in this statistic! (Should I be proud?)  Additionally, 200 million users visit a business profile daily.  Instagram also says that two-thirds of business profile views come from users who aren’t yet following a business.  This is all really great news for Instagram’s parent company – Facebook.  What’s too bad is that Snapchat is having a difficult time growing their users and revenue with a new ad approach and a fresh redesign, Instagram seems to have a winning formula. The company says many businesses are relying on Instagram as their main digital marketing tool.

instagram for business

In their blog post, Instagram states that the reason for the growth is that Instagram is no longer considered just a stop along the mobile journey.  With one in three small businesses on Instagram saying they built their businesses on Instagram.  It has also become a destination where businesses aren’t only discovered, but where business is done. With the expansion of shopping on Instagram, they are seeing retailers, like Man Outfitters, use shopping tags to help people discover new products that they love.  This is what Joe Nullet, VP of Branding and Marketing with Man Outfitters had to say about using Instagram for their business:

“When you only have milliseconds to capture the attention of your customers organically, the ability to directly connect them with products that pique their interest is priceless. Customers who follow business accounts for quality content can now easily be guided to products without disrupting their natural browsing habits, and even those with little interest in promotions can’t help but take notice. We no longer have to deal with customers commenting ‘Where can I find this shirt?’ on a promotional post—everything they need to find their product is right there with shopping on Instagram.” 

instagram for business

In all honesty, I found a pair of shoes for my boyfriend on Instagram.  I’m pretty traditional, so this tactic must be working.  I’m not saying that I wouldn’t shop through Instagram, I’m simply saying that this isn’t the way I normally conduct my business.  Which is why I think it’s working.  Not only that, Instagram is a very visual medium, so you can see the product that you’re looking for and that helps when you’re trying to decide if you want to purchase a product or not.  Good job on this one, Instagram.


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