Earlier in the week, Bohemia Interactive announced that DayZ was still scheduled to launch on XBox One in 2018.  This is in addition to it being launched for PC.  However, what was odd was that there was no mention of a PlayStation 4 release.  Even odder is that it had been previously announced, and now nothing from Bohemia Interactive.  In a statement released to Gamespot, Bohemia Interactive confirmed that there was nothing to worry about as DayZ will still launch on PlayStation 4.  When exactly?  The developer is simply saying a “later date”.  The statement from Bohemia Interactive states:

In short, yes, we’re still going to release DayZ for PlayStation 4. It’s mostly that we have the ability to do the Game Preview program with Xbox that has us choosing this platform for the first console release, and the partnership with Microsoft has been very productive so far. We’re still excited to have DayZ in the hands of PS4 players, it’ll just happen a bit later than the Xbox release.

Bohemia took to Twitter adding that they would do all that they could to release the game in 2018, but they can’t make any promises.  Can’t make any promises doesn’t sound very good.  Am I right?  I mean, sure it makes sense that they wouldn’t be able to release it at the same time.  There are a plethora of reasons as to why they can’t. However, a delay by what might be a year seems kind of insane, doesn’t it?  (Note, I’m basing this based on the fact that the XBox One version will be available in 2018.  Without knowing a specific date about the PlayStation version.)


If you’re not familiar with DayZ, it is a gritty, authentic, open-world survival horror game where you have a single goal – to survive in the harsh post-apocalyptic world as long as you can. What will make this game challenging for you?  There are no “tips” or even built-in tutorials to help you navigate the game.  Every decision that you make matters.  There is no ability to save the game, and there are no extra lives.  If you make a wrong decision, it could be lethal. If you fail, you will lose everything and you’ll need to start again.  Which sounds incredibly frustrating.  Or is it just me?  Having to re-start with no ability to continue on if you just make one small error?

But let’s get back to the release for a moment.  The developer had anticipated a DayZ release between now and Christmas. However, the developer has indicated that it won’t be available until early 2018.  Which means, they’re still working on it.  This is incredibly disappointing as longtime fans have been waiting for this game for some time now.  However, from a content perspective, the beta version adds new zombies to the experiences as well as an overhauled system.  Players will also be getting a new damage and hitbox system, as well as more network stability.  So maybe we can wait for the final beta version after all?

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