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This is the last installment in this series and we’ve got some pretty unconventional things for you.  I mean, nothing on this list is “conventional”, but it definitely gets a little less so at this point.  Everything from the retro gaming genre is a little unconventional, and that’s what I love about it.  These items are things that only people who loved the games would even want.  As I’ve been saying, if you’ve got a fan in your life, you need to get them something off this list.  Who doesn’t want wall art to remind you of your favorite gaming systems? Or a remake of Crash Bandicoot?  All of these things can be yours.  Keep reading.

video game poster

Video Game Controllers Poster

Can you name all of the controllers in this poster?  If you’re a fan, it’s likely that you can name most of them. Retro gaming merchandise is designed to bring back feelings you had as a child.  And no better way than with this retro video game controller poster. Not only that, but it will make you feel happy every time you see it. The print itself has 45 controllers on it.  Some are a bit more obscure than others.  This poster is an incredible conversation piece. If your friends are over (and they are the same age) they are definitely going to want to talk about this poster. Like the soap, I think this is one to pick up just to have it somewhere in your home.  Find this super fun poster on Etsy.

golden eye watch

007 Goldeneye Watch

If you’re a fan of James Bond or know someone who is – this is a must-have.  I, myself, never really got into James Bond, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an epic series.  Part of the allure of James Bond is the fact that he has all these fun gadgets.  I can’t begin to imagine what it was like in the 60s in terms of imagining how this technology would even work.  In some cases, we likely have this technology now, which means the new James Bond movies will have to step it up. The watch is a replica of the watch seen in the 1965 James Bond movie GoldenEye.  The watch has a standard stainless steel band, with an amazing amount of detail.  You can also pick up this one from Etsy.


8Bitdo Retro Receiver for SNES Classic

If you have purchased one of Nintendo’s retro consoles, then you know one of the biggest problems with it is the controller.  More specifically, the wires are super short.  You are basically sitting on top of the console while you play.  But this receiver lets you play wirelessly.  Even with some controllers that you might have laying around the house.  I think wireless adapters should be available for everything if your device doesn’t already have one. Just to make your life easier. This receiver is super cheap also.  It’s available on Amazon for $12.99.  Pick yours up today.

crash bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy for PS4

The Crash Bandicoot N.Sane trilogy not only lets you relive the nostalgia of the Crash Bandicoot games, but it enhances them. For those of you who don’t remember the game, or aren’t old enough to know about it, I will tell you.  The games are mostly set on the fictitious Wumpa Islands, an archipelago situated to the south of Australia, although other locations are common. The main games in the series are largely platformers, but several are spin-offs in different genres. The protagonist of the series is an anthropomorphic bandicoot named Crash, whose quiet life on the Wumpa Islands is often interrupted by the games’ main antagonist, Doctor Neo Cortex, who created Crash and wants him dead. In most games, Crash must defeat Cortex and foil his plans for world domination.  Now you can experience Crash Bandicoot like never before as you take on the epic challenges and adventures through the three games that started it all.  These are the three original games and have been fully remastered. Crash Bandicoot is also available on Amazon.

Nintendo New 3DS XL – Super NES Edition

If all Nintendo did from now until the end of time was come out with new versions of the Nintendo DS, I don’t think anyone would mind.  It’s a pretty fantastic system with a huge library.  But there are some of us who still love our consoles of old.  Which is likely why Nintendo came out with a 3DS that looks like a Super NES.  Nintendo knows how to really sell new systems to people who played the original.  Good job with that one, Nintendo. This is exclusively available on Amazon.

Rare Replay for XBox One

Last, but not least, Rare has an amazing history of video games. The emulated game span multiple genres and consoles—from the ZX Spectrum to the Xbox 360—and retain the features and errors of their original releases with minimal edits. The compilation was one of several ideas Rare considered to celebrate its 30th anniversary.  What games are available? Battletoads to shooter Perfect Dark to name a couple.  In this game you get to replay all of that fun, celebrating the last 30 years.  This one is relatively inexpensive, and is also available on Amazon.  What isn’t, though?

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