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The Episodic Narrative Game – Life Is Strange on iPhone and iPad is Amazing

life is strange
This looks like an incredibly fun and entertaining game. What makes it awesome is that it's now available for iPhone and iPad.

life is strange

The brilliant, episodic narrative game, Life is Strange, revolves around Max Caulfield (a teenager) and her ability to rewind time.  She returns to her hometown only to find it and her former best friend, Chloe in some very weird situations.  The game is amazing, and now you will be able to play it again.  Not only that but of December 14th, you will get a whole new way to play this game – on an iPhone and iPad.  In the game, you help Max investigate the disappearance of fellow student Rachel Amber.  Using Max’s time-rewinding abilities to look for clues and make choices to progress through the storyline.  Based on the choices you make in the game, there are multiple endings to discover.

According to the developer, Black Wing Foundation, the game’s underpinning will help everything look better than before.  In addition, you will get Life is Strange iMessage stickers and an in-game photo mode. You’ll be able to share your progress you make in the game, as well as the pictures you take, on social media. You can pre-order the game in the App Store now.  The first three episodes will be available online on December 14th.  The next episodes (four and five) will become available in the early part of 2018.  An Android version of the game is also planned for 2018.

life is strange

This game isn’t free though.  The first episode is $2.99.  But it sounds kind of awesome, so maybe this is something that you’ll want to invest in. If you’re not familiar with the game, here are some more detail on the first episode:

Set in the fictional Arcadia Bay, you play as Max Caulfield in this adventure (as we mentioned earlier). Max is a high school student at Blackwell Academy and the story begins with her having a nightmare. This nightmare sets the pace for what is about to happen over the next few episodes but she has no idea yet. After waking up, you get your first glimpse at school life and are introduced to how interactions work here. Some of the dialogue is cringe-worthy, which makes it even more compelling. After the opening section, Max discovers her gift in a particular incident. You can rewind time and this plays a big part of the story.

life is strange

Rewinding time isn’t just a way to redo decisions but a way to alter the story for the better or in some cases worse. There are some basic point and click adventure game puzzles here and some of them even require you to see a situation play out badly before using the time rewind to set things straight. Another great thing you will notice about Life is Strange is that decisions will actually make a big difference in the story as episodes go by. These aren’t just added for show. Photography also plays a big part of the experience as well. Max can use her camera at certain locations to take optional photographs. These act as collectibles here. Some of them are pretty obvious initially but there are some super obscure ones.

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