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Did everyone see the beautiful gowns from the Met Gala? Didn’t everyone look incredible?  Even Rihanna in her Pope-inspired ensemble.  And while I think that everyone looked amazing, and I love fashion etc., I think, as a society, we spend too much time obsessing over this kind of stuff.  Don’t get me wrong, I used to love watching TMZ, and even some pretty trashy reality TV.  But I got to a point in my life where I realized that this kind of stuff isn’t important.  And in some ways, it’s not even entertainment.

Be prepared for a rant here.  I feel like the pendulum has swung too far in the wrong direction when it comes to entertainment and celebrities.  Everyone seems to be famous these days, and it often originates from some kind of social media “campaign” to become famous.  These people don’t necessarily have any real talent.  Take the Real Housewives franchise, for example.  In some cases, these women are “famous” because their spouses have money.  As a former die-hard RHONJ and Atlanta fan, I can tell you that it’s addicting.  But why do we idolize these people?  The whole idea that we hold celebrities in a higher regard than we do teachers, for example, is absolutely ridiculous.

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When it comes to celebrities, there are so many different levels.  And some of those levels require talent.  Some people are born with natural abilities to act, or sing, or perform… There are some people who have to work at it, but these people generally have some kind of talent.  I mean, there are some really good business people out there, who are talented in their own right, and they are also celebrities.  But what really bothers me is how much time the media spends on these people and events.  I opened my Instagram feed up today, and I was bombarded with pictures of Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna going to the Met Gala.  And why is making the news?  These images weren’t from their own personal Instagram accounts but from media accounts.

Sure, you’re probably thinking I’m fueling that fire by talking about it, but I’m kind of outraged.  I feel like I’m over all this celebrity nonsense.  Maybe I’ve gotten to a place in my life where I would like to focus on things that matter to me – my relationship, family, friends, my own mental health and well being, rather than what the latest is between Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson.  There is a group of people who believe that celebrities “chose” the life, and therefore we have every right to stare at them and follow them around.  And maybe they did choose the fame – that’s their prerogative, but I still think we are fixated on their lives in a negative way.

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Maybe we are so fixated because the alternatives in media aren’t any better.  There are horrible, horrible things happening in the world right now.  If it’s not mass-shootings, it’s hate rally’s and rights being taken away from people.  And that’s just in the United States. I understand that we live in a world where reality can sometimes be garbage.  But I don’t think that’s a good enough reason to become fixated on celebrities, the way we do.  It’s healthy to have an appreciation for them and even admire them in many ways, but it’s unhealthy to constantly be following their every move.

Maybe I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, but I am honestly struggling with how obsessed our culture is with celebrities.  Honestly, I’m over it.  I don’t have any clue who is dating who in the world of celebrities, and I feel like I don’t care at this point.  I’m also not judging anyone for immersing themselves in this kind of entertainment, but it’s no longer for me.  That said, I still enjoy some reality TV every now and then.. can you say Catfish?!