The Last of Us Remastered

Lara Croft GO

In part two, we will explore more ways that you can enjoy all of your favorite games while saving yourself some money.  Some might say that you shouldn’t spend money on things like games, but why not?  Why not take the time to enjoy the things in life that you enjoy.  After all, it is your life.  I’d like to put a caveat in here and say, everything in moderation.  You need to be able to balance everything in your life so you’re not overdoing it in one area or another.  Whether it’s work, play or indulging.  That said, you are definitely going to want to indulge in these games.  Just don’t overdo it! All of these games listed are available on the cheap.

Lara Croft Go

If you’re too busy to sit down and play through Square Enix’s thrilling Rise of the Tomb Raider, you’re in luck.  You can take Lara Croft with you anywhere you go.  First, there was Hitman Go, which was a simple-looking game for mobile that challenged players to complete puzzles using slick turn-based gameplay.  Then there was Lara Croft GO, which was a similar game that moved from handheld to consoles – giving GO the big screen treatment.  Lara Croft Go has more than 100 puzzles and 7 chapters to keep you entertained in between the rest of your life.  Lara Croft GO is the perfect companion for your PS4!


If you’re looking for something a bit more mysterious, but also beautiful at the same time (and who isn’t), Inside is the dystopian puzzle for you.  This game comes from the same people who brought you Limbo, and Inside is equally traumatizing.  Playdead Studios has managed to create a fresh story without losing any of the charms that made their first game so great. The art style is more dynamic this time around, adding a single drop of red and yellow to the color palette – it’s dramatically stark but also aids navigation throughout the game. The puzzles will challenge you to maneuver through some pretty weird places (lavatories and underwater caverns).  But it will also pit you against a range of enemies who also want to harm you.  Even though your character is an innocent little boy, there is an awful lot of killing that you have to do.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Arkham Knight is the final piece of Rocksteady Studios’ gritty Batman story.  And, if I’m being honest, it doesn’t disappoint. This follows Arkham City’s storyline, but the threat has increased.  This time, it’s the Scarecrow who is taking the position of the top villain, and there are tons of others to wreak havoc on Batman.  Two-Face, Penguin, Poison Ivy, Riddler, and Killer Croc to name a few.  With a star-studded character list, this is a great story, and also has improved gameplay mechanics.  This is definitely a worthy successor and finale to the series.

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate

This game is centered on the two main protagonists – the Frye twins.  First, there is Evie, who has a more traditionally stealthy play style.  She is the calm and collective one who thinks tactically before making a move on the next target.  And then there’s her brother, Jacob.  Jacob Frye is brash and loud, although, he’s undeniably fun to play.  He’s definitely the type of that you’d share banter with over a pint at the local pub.  Throw in some new gadgets for easier navigation, such as the rope launcher, and you’ve got quite the game.


If being a free-running assassin wasn’t already enough, Dishonoured 2 gives you a slew of supernatural abilities to dispatch your victims, however, you please.  Whether that means possessing a rat to sneak into a building or igniting all sorts of explosives in a cut-throat rampage.  Who you kill and who you keep alive is up to you.  Each choice will affect the outcome of the story around you, so choose wisely. As fun as it is to slice your way through corrupted politicians, it’s actually the creative design that makes it a must play.

The Last of Us Remastered

The Last of Us isn’t really about zombies.  It’s a game about humanity in the face of utter devastation.  You take the role of Joel, a smuggler who finds himself taking 14-year-old Ellie on a journey across the United States.  The story itself is a masterpiece alone, but the gameplay is just as engaging.  It’s a survival game at heart, and you must search for supplies to craft weapons and health packs.  You will spend a lot of time rummaging through deserted houses for supplies, but you’re always on the edge of your seat, in case you run into a group of survivors or one of the zombies!