nintendo switch

nintendo switch

Have you been thinking about jailbreaking your Nintendo Switch?  There are a few things that you should consider before going through with it.  What exactly? I’ll get to that in a moment, but in the meantime, let’s talk about why someone would want to jailbreak any device.  The biggest reason to jailbreak any device is to get to things that the developers never intended for you to get to.  When it comes to iOS, for example, jailbreaking gives you access to features that weren’t available before.  Or it allows you to install apps for free, that you would normally have to pay for.  If you want to jailbreak your Nintendo Switch, you need to have a firm grasp on the risks that are involved.

The biggest risk is that you might end up ruining your system entirely.  If you force a device to do something that it wasn’t originally intended to do, it could irreparably damage the software, which will leave the system completely messed up. Not to mention, manufacturers often void the warranty if the devices are altered in any way.  Which means, if you’re going to jailbreak your Switch, it might be a good idea to do it on a secondary system, or on a system that you aren’t afraid to lose.

So, if you’ve considered all the risks involved, and you still want to go for it, the next thing to think about is what you can do once you have your system jailbroken.  But is there anything you can do once you’ve jailbroken a Nintendo Switch?  Right now, many users are waiting for a custom firmware for hacked Switches.  There are a few that are currently in beta, but none that are fully complete.  That means, you’re going to have to wait, but once the stable custom firmware has been released, the possibilities are endless.

Before I go too much farther, I’m wondering if it’s actually worth it?  Like I said, the firmware isn’t available yet, so what can you do with a jailbroken Switch?  Not a lot.  But you can use developer software to make some modifications.  Like setting your own custom profile pictures, or turning on “balloon mode” in Mario Odyssey.  That said, not everyone is using this feature for good.  There have been reported cases where some users are setting their profile picture to porn, which is showing up in the game for other Mario fans.

That’s not exactly great, but it’s certainly not the worst thing possible.  I ask the question again, though, is it worth it? In my opinion, and because of this, it’s not exactly worth it to jailbreak your Switch.  At least not right now. Once a stable custom firmware has been released, well then, my answer will be different.

Regardless, the decision to jailbreak a device – Nintendo Switch or otherwise – is a complicated one.  Your best bet for making this decision is making sure that you have the right information.  Do your research in advance, so that you’re capable of making an informed decision.  I mean, that’s something that can be said about almost anything in life.  You can’t just go into a decision without weighing out the pros and the cons or understanding the consequences if something goes awry.  If this changes, I’ll be sure to update you to help you make that decision a bit easier.