This is the way the PSP should have been from the start. With one small exception. The Dives is called PlayStation Vita which means “Life” bit it may be a short lifespan for this device. Sony has decided to go with AT&T as the provider for it’s new device. If the same issues that plagued the iPhone follow the Vita. Gamers are not going to stand for that. A drop call can be redialed. Its a bother but never the less you can start the call over again. If you drop out of a multi player FPS game because of t he network there is no do over. That being said, the system is a great update.

The system will have a 5-inch OLED touch screen,  a touch pad on the back,  as well, two cameras, one on the front and one out back. The system will also have the always requested two analog stick setup in front.   The system will be $249 for Wi-Fi and $299 for 3G. There are 80 games in the works for it right now.

It is too soon to know how well this system will do matched up against Nintendo 3DS. High technology has not helped Sony in the home or portable market. As Nintendo ruled the portable marker even though PSP and PSP Go were technologically stronger systems. The same thing happened in the home market. Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox both are in the lead. Let’s hope Sony gets the clue this time. It’s the games that make the system not the tech unless it is used to enhance the games.

By Rubens Saintel

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