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the flop house podcast

If I could listen to podcasts all day long, then I would.  That might sound exaggerated, but I’m telling the truth.  I love podcasts.  I love listening to them in my car and thinking about the next episode.  In fact, I’m listening to some right now.  Which is why we’ve got another list of all the great podcasts that you need to download immediately, if not sooner.  When in doubt, check out some of the recommended podcasts in your podcasting app. That’s always a great place to start. You’ll find something you like fairly quickly and then you can indulge in all of your podcasting desires.

kotaku splitscreen

Kotaku Splitscreen

If you’re into video games, then this is the podcast that you’re going to want to download every single week!  Kotaku Splitscreen is a gaming podcast featuring Kotaku’s Kirk Hamilton and Jason Schreier.  The extremely catchy theme in question is played by Hamilton himself, who has a background in jazz.  Before you think that this is more about music than video games, you are wrong.  That said Kotaku has always approached video games a bit differently than its competitors, which means you’re not getting a traditional video game podcast.  That doesn’t make it any less amazing.

The Flop House

The Flop House is a trio of friends whose quick-fire interactions with each other, immediately make you feel like you’re sitting with them, and you’re part of the group. They know a lot about terrible movies as well.  And that’s what this podcast is about.  Each of the 150 + episodes concentrates on one bad film.  Usually, these are new releases.  They dissect its awfulness in a really funny way.

final games

Final Games

Taking its cue from Desert Island Discs, Final Games puts games industry veterans in a similarly uninhabited but somehow electrically-powered place and asks them to explain which eight games they’d choose to take with them. Liam Edwards hosts this podcast from his Japanese apartment, talking to journalists and developers across the world about games that have defined them, influenced them, or got them into the games industry in the first place.

final games


Scouse songwriting duo Simon Barber and Brian O’Conner make up Sodajerker, and when they’re not locked in the studio creating music for movie scores and pop artists, they’re making this incredibly fascinating podcast about the art of songwriting.  An odd name for a podcast, but there is meaning behind it.  Most episodes feature a conversation with a noted musician.  If you’re a fan of music and want to get to know more about the artists, this is a podcast you will want to check out.

retronauts podcast


There are plenty of retro gaming related content available on the web, thanks mostly to YouTube’s “Let’s Play” videos, but if you can’t or don’t’ want to stare at some form of a screen for an hour and a half, it’s good to know that there is a podcast that will still cater to your needs. Retronauts is, in fact, that podcast.  For better or worse, this podcast takes a deep dive into retro games.  In what might be a super nerdy way.  It’s also really long in duration, but it’s a brilliant exploration of retro games and we couldn’t love it more.