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kevin hart

For some reason, I love Kevin Hart movies.  Yes, he’s funny, and of course, most of the movies he stars in are also really funny, but there’s something else about him. If you follow him in social media, then you will be familiar with his #HustleHart hashtag.  His hustle not only includes his work ethic, but also his passion for staying active, and his family.  He is always posting photos or funny videos where he is working out and just trying to be more and achieve more.  He also posts incredibly endearing and adorable photos of his family.  But what makes him so successful and even humble in some ways?

Hart didn’t go crazy after Night School topped box office charts this past weekend.  While this might seem like cause for a huge celebration for some, this is Hart’s 7th number one box office debuts, so maybe he’s just used to it by now.  But instead of popping champagne or being seen at some random nightclub, Hart had a lowkey dinner with his family.  Hart also travels a lot to promote his comedy, and while he travels with his family at times, I’m sure it can be difficult to be away from them so much.

“It’s intimate,  but cool, with a purpose,”  Hart says of the dinner.  “I’ve been on the go pretty strong, so being able to shut it down and be with the wife and kids, to me, that’s the best kind of celebration.”

Hart isn’t a stranger to the big screen.  In fact, he’s starred in many hit films, but Night School marks an important step in Hart’s evolution into becoming a comedy mogul.  It’s the first feature film he’s produced and the first project under his HartBeat Production banner. Hart’s not stopping there. Eventually, he says, he’ll step behind the camera to direct.

In an interview with Variety, Hart spoke about why Tiffany Haddish was cast as his co-star, and what inspired him with this project. In relation to the question – where did the idea for Night School come from, Hart had this to say:

It was something that I was just flirting with in my head, and then [producer Will Packer and I] were in London, we were at a club called the Box, and I told him, “Hey man, I got a funny idea, I want to know what you think of it.” Will said, “Oh my God, that’s funny, what are you going to do?” I said, “Dude, I want to do it.” He said, “Then go do it.

For those of us who aren’t part of the entertainment industry this kind of “then go do it” message makes it seem kind of easy.  As far as why Tiffany Haddish was cast, Hart had this to say:

Her name came up. Will allowed me to screen “Girls Trip” before it came out. I’ve known her for quite some time, we’ve been good friends, but I had no idea about “Girls Trip” and about her level of funny in the movie. Getting to see it before the world saw it, that’s when I made the decision, “Oh my god, Tiffany would be great for ‘Night School.’” After I brought her up, everybody jumped at it, and we got her. It was about giving her a different lane to play in, but also making sure to give her some wiggle room to play as well and give everyone the Tiffany that people will want to see.

Haddish has been publicly criticized for her comedy chops and why she was cast in this role, but if you’ve ever watched her do standup, you’ll know exactly why.  She’s hilarious!  Night School is now in theaters.  If you haven’t seen it – go check it out.

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