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star trek discovery

There’s nothing like starting the holiday season with some new movie trailers.  I don’t always get the chance to watch movies when they first come out – for a variety of reasons, and it means that I can miss some truly incredible films.  That said, I’ve got some amazing film and TV trailers that you should watch immediately.

Once Upon a Deadpool

This is the re-worked, PG-13 version of Deadpool 2.  It’s peppered with story intermissions starring, none other than Fred Savage.  Ok, so this isn’t a trailer for the movie, but rather a fun version of the movie itself, and if I’m being honest – I’m all for it.

Godzilla: King of Monsters

If you watched the 2014 Godzilla, then you probably felt it was a major letdown.  But, this serious is kind of too big to give up on, so the solution is to make Godzilla 2 more engaging by adding even more monsters.  If nothing else, we get to see Mille Bobby Brown star in the new movie, which comes out on May 31.

True Detective

I watched Season 1, and I started to watch Season 2, but it was a letdown for me.  That said, Mahershala Ali might be the thing to entice me to start watching the show again.  The show stars Ali as a detective at multiple points in his career – from a young man to a much older one who is still trying to figure out the same cases and problems.  I’d be surprised if many didn’t find Season 3 to be interesting based on this alone.  The new season starts on January 13.

Trigger Warning

Why didn’t someone give Killer Mike a TV show before now?  IT’s so obvious.  Killer Mike has been a powerful, compelling and often controversial political voice over the past few years.  The show has six episodes and will debut on Netflix starting January 18.

Star Trek: Discovery

If there was one thing that made me happy in 2018, it was my partner.  But if there was another thing that made me happy in 2018, it was Star Trek: Discovery.  That said, the premiere for season 2 is just around the corner (January 17).  CBS has put out a new trailer that plays its biggest card yet – Spock is coming to the show.  Fans were already aware of this after it was confirmed during Comic-Con, but this is the first time we’re seeing that reality.

Triple Frontier

Netflix’s next big movie is a heist film that stars Ben Affleck and Oscar Isaac as former military operatives who take their training and use it to attempt a major robbery.  This, of course, is when things go awry. Netflix is also releasing this film in theaters, so clearly the company has big hopes for its success. It comes out in March.

The Umbrella Academy

Ok, so Netflix might be getting tired of Marvel heroes, but they aren’t done with superheroes altogether.  The Umbrella Academy is a quirky story with a really eclectic cast, and it looks like it might be a lot of fun.  The show is based on the Dark Horse Comics series, and debuts on February 15.