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If you’ve got some time off over the next few days, why not get comfy on your couch and watch some movies? You’ve probably seen all the classics though.  And maybe they’re a bit too schmaltzy.  So what’s left?  Well, why not try these alternatives to the traditional Christmas movies?  I mean, what have you got to lose?

In Bruges

Who doesn’t want to be in Bruges during the Christmas season? Well, maybe Colin Farrell’s character, Ray.  Ray describes Bruges as a “shithole” as soon as he arrives.  I don’t want to give away the ending of the movie, but it doesn’t end well.  There isn’t a lot of Christmas spirit with this movie, which is why it made our list of alternatives.  That said, there are a ton of jokes throughout the movie, which adds a bit of humor to the storyline.  You can catch this movie on both Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Bad Santa

Billy Bob Thornton is a whiskey-drinking, womanizing Santa Claus in a dark comedy sort of way.  This movie is heartwarming and filthy, at the same time.  Which is why it makes this list.  The movie itself is about Thurman Merman who helps Santa see the error of his ways after years of drug abuse and robberies.  I mean, the title itself sort of explains what this movie is about.  You can stream Bad Santa on Now TV.

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without the traditional sibling argument, or a Steve Martin movie.  And you can get both of those in this movie, kind of.  Steve Martin’s character hitches a ride home for Thanksgiving with a nauseating slob of a salesman, played by the late John Candy.  After a couple hours of slapstick comedy, we get some seasonally-appropriate heartwarming moments.  What can you expect from this movie?  Well, you might discover that your siblings aren’t really that bad!  You can watch Planes, Trains & Automobiles on Now TV.

Children of Men

There isn’t a Christmas tree, jolly Kris Kringle or loop of tinsel in sight, but director Alfonso Cuaron’s dystopian sci-fi nonetheless has a festive theme. Clive Owen’s character, Theo, struggles to protect a young pregnant mother bearing the first child to be conceived in 20 years.  This kind of sounds like a familiar religious Christmas story, doesn’t it?  The film depicts an Earth in which the human race is slowly dying amid the war, famine and social unrest that follow its peculiar predicament. The world it portrays is close enough to ours to be recognizable, different enough to be interesting and horrific enough to be chilling, and the gripping plot is perfectly balanced between action and intrigue. A film to make you think. Children of Men is also available on Now TV.


This is a really funny movie.  If for no other reason, than Will Farrell is super ridiculous and silly.  Some might call him irritating, and I can see that, but the humor in this movie alongside the extremely festive theme, you will find yourself laughing.  I promise When Will Ferrell’s character discovers that the’s actually a human (and not an elf) he heads to New York City to find his biological father.  Holiday chaos ensues as he endeavors to bring festive cheer to everyone that he encounters – whether they like it or not.  Elf is available for you on Amazon Prime.

The Night Before

This movie is a comedy, which stars Joseph Gordon Levitt, Seth Rogen and Anthony Mackie.  They decide to take their traditional Christmas Eve bar crawl to the next level by locating the Holy Grail of Christmas parties – the Nutcracker Ball.  Which is an exclusive New York party, they never get invited to.  Armed with a boxful of narcotics, the trio embarks on a big quest through the Big Apple, getting into all manner of scrapes involving mothers, nosebleeds, ex-girlfriends, and an enigmatic high school pot dealer played with relish by Michael Shannon. You can watch The Night Before on Netflix.