Wayward Pines

You thought it would end at Part 2?  Well, there are so many science fiction shows out there that I want to talk about, that I decided to extend it into three parts.  What I should point out is that these are only our opinions.  You might absolutely love the shows that we are saying should go, and alternatively hate the ones that we think are incredible.  Keep that in mind, as you read these posts.

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams

Each of the ten episodes are based on Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams, which was a short series in the 1950s.  But the way that they’re portrayed in this series, they are used quite loosely, as a jumping-off point to explore contemporary or futuristic situations in which people find reasons to question the nature of their realities. The show has some really great actors, and the creativity within the show enables different directors and writers to manipulate these adaptations in a really great way.  Some people suggest don’t like this particular show, however, it is a worthy addition to this genre, even if this particular series is a bit of a renaissance.


There isn’t a lot to say about Futurama, that hasn’t already been said before.  The show itself was incredibly high brow, and it was also incredibly ridiculous.  But it was also brilliant and full of intellect.  The characters were one-dimensional who could show depth in the right light, but were also mocked as being this way given that they were “from the future”.  All that said, we were lucky enough to get a few extra movies and a season to help us close the loop, but for many it’s not enough.  If The Simpson’s can go on for 29 seasons, this could definitely go on for a few more seasons at least.

Wayward Pines

Season One of Wayward Pines was amazing.  It had some really great actors and a sold mid-season plot twist that took the show into a new direction.  Who wasn’t absolutely enthralled with what happened in this crazy town? But when it ended, it ended in a way that allowed us to be satisified with what we had been told.  However, this show, like many others, didn’t get a second season that it so much deserved. Which is really weird, isn’t it?  I guess many of the higher ups at the network didn’t think it needed a second season?  The show hasn’t officially been canceled, and there is a current discussion to possibly bring it back


You knew this was coming, didn’t you?  Firefly was canceled long before it even had a chance to thrive.  In fact, its episodes were shown out of order, which didn’t help its chances.  But Firefly remains one of the greatest character ensembles ever put together.  It’s funny, it has actions, and each episode works in a way that tells great stories.  The overall plot is also extremely engaging and interesting enough to make you want to binge them all at once.