Almost HumanCr: Liane Hentscher/FOX
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Now onto Part 2.  Yes, there are so many great science fiction shows to talk about, that we needed a part 2.  But there are also still some pretty bad shows that we are advocating their swift death.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Weren’t you sad when Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles ended? The story is of Sarah and John Connor as well as their female Terminator, Cameron who has been programmed to defend them.  This show has violence, action, jokes, love, time travel, computers, and mystery.  It was kind of a great show. There were only nine episodes in the first season, and despite it being the highest-rated scripted series of the season, the show never really caught on with viewers. The second season came and went without making a splash with viewers, and it has now gone to the television graveyard.  There has been talk of rebooting or even doing a movie, but that remains a rumor.


Jericho is a post-apocalyptic drama, set in the aftermath of nuclear annihilation.  It was an incredible tale of one small town and all the insanity that happens in and around its borders. The characters were great, and they certainly helped with the conspiracies that wove this story together.  The show only had two seasons, which isn’t great, but there were two other seasons published as comic books – if you want to dive into it a bit more.  If you haven’t seen the shows, you definitely should.  And you should also check out the comic books as well.


If you’ve never watched this show, we are a bit hesitant to tell you to watch it, because it ends so abruptly and without any conclusion, it’s bound to drive you mad.  But if you’re more interested in the journey, and don’t care about the destination, then you definitely need to check out this show.  

In episode one, we see everyone in the world lose consciousness for two minutes and seventeen seconds.  The show will then see what their lives will be like six months in the future.  The show then dives into the investigation of what happened on that day, and why – of course, there is no answers as it was canceled after only one season. This is a show that needs to return so we can get some conclusions, but also because it was such a great show.

Almost Human

This show took a while to build, but once it got there, the show would have entertained everyone – even if you’re not super into science fiction.  The lead, Karl Urban, plays a disgruntled detective with a bias against robots.  He gets paired with a robot partner, played by the amazing Michael Ealy (who is very easy on the eyes).  The show is about their partnership that turns into an actual friendship, as they solve crimes in the future.

Unfortunately, the episodes were shown out of order, which made it difficult for people to stay with it.  There have been talks about a renewal, but there was too little viewership and too little interest from Fox to make it happen.  It would be great to see what the show was building towards, with later episodes hinting at a much bigger world beyond the futuristic city.