Tron Legacy

don't ask don't tell

Tron: Legacy turned out to be the movie of the week bringing in 43.6 million. Great since this sequel is coming 30 years after the original. Of course the verdict is still out on if the movie will break records as its predecessor Avatar as predicted. The movie has yet to make enough to cover its budget of 170 million. In other news Yogi Bear is a complete bust! If you not 5 and under, you’re not going to enjoy this movie.

Don’t ask Don’t tell has been repealed and noteworthy celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres and Lady Gaga are taking to the twitter to celebrate. All are rejoicing that america has taken such a big step toward equality. Pres Obama saying ” it is time to close this chapter in our history. It is time to recognize that surface, valor, and integrity are no more defined by sexual orientation then they are by race or gender, religion, or creed”.  Yeah america and yeah for equality!

Diddy Dirty Money album Last Train to Paris is rocking my world right now. I have to say that if you have ever had that relationship that ended terribly or if you have been insecure about your relationship or love then this album is for you. Every song has some amount of personal testimony from Diddy and I have to say I respect him more as an artist because of it. Get it!

Christmas is here and everywhere. I’m the Grinch this year but it doesn’t mean you have to be. Some great Christmas music is out and the top tunes are:

Kayne West– Christmas in Harlem (feat. Cyhi Da Prynce)
Coldplay- christmas lights
Rihanna- a child is born
Mariah Carey- oh santa
Glee- the christmas album
These songs are sure to put the cheer in your holiday season. Happy listening!

More to come!