It was so nice to have the extra days off last week. Let’s get back to the grind. You already know that Siri can operate an internet-connected thermostat through some nice hacking but now one person has taken it one step forward with a practical device.

Developer Brandon Fiquett enabled Siri to talk to his car. Siri can now remotely start its engine. The way it works is his iPhone 4S sends a message to a proxy server he set up. The server sends a message to a cellular-connected Viper Smart Start system in his car. This trick should work with any car that has a viper smart start system.

Siri start my car. I wonder what is next? Siri type this report. It’s only a matter of time before more hacks get released. Siri is akin to Kinect in terms of being embraced by the media, independent developers and hackers.

By Rubens Saintel

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