For those who are interested in YouTube series with a great story line, awesome effects, and plenty of action then I recommend you take a look at the Sync series on YouTube. Sync is an action & drama series that stars a character name Charlie; who works for the US Government, carries out orders & a bunch of other bass ass missions. That may sound like your typical action movie, but he has the ability to transmit himself to another “shells” (replicas of his body), in order to better perform missions and conduct his personal life (mainly highlighted in episode #2). What really drew me to this series was the amount of animation and digital work that this group has put in to make their episodes look like they should be in the movie theaters. Here’s the teaser for the series:


 After I watched I instantly became addicted, screaming MORE!! MORE!!! As of now they have a total of 5 episodes loaded to their YouTube account and will release a new one every month. Great job by Corridor Digital and I can’t wait for the next episode!!

Enjoy episode #1:


By Dave The Creative

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