Sony Playstation 4 comes out soon. Some of you are still holding out for the Xbox One but here is what to look forward with the PS4. All PlayStation 4 games will have to be installed not the PS4. So after putting that came in, go get some popcorn. They say that gameplay can proceed during installation but that is not the case for all games. Discs will always be required to play so don’t go thinking you can install the game and hand it to a friend. This time around a subscription is needed for multiplayer.



At this time the PS4 does not support external storage via USB hard drives or memory sticks. What that means is unlike the PS3, you need to manage your drive space if you start to get a lot of games for the PS4. That said you can always swap out the PlayStation 4’s internal 500 GB hard drive for increased storage capacity. At only $400, the PS4 is $100 cheaper than a Xbox One. However, every Xbox One is packaged with the new Kinect. In comparison the PlayStation Camera sold separately for $60. The camera is needed if you want voice control features.

I do not know what Sony was thinking when it opted out of giving the PlayStation 4 DLNA support. I mean Sony is more a content company than Microsoft. Why would you limit your game system from talking to your other products to get content? Sony also got rid of support for dynamic themes and .mp3 playback. That’s right no MP3 for you. Sony quickly pulled a trick out of Microsoft’s playbook and flip flopped to change that. They will be adding back MP3 support in a future update. Until that time your media fix will have to be handled by Sony’s Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited services plus Netflix of course. It may sound like I am knocking the PS4 but I am acutely looking forward to this system. It should be interesting to see what a system focused on just games does in the market and to the industry.



By Rubens Saintel

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