People have always wanted a dislike button. Either to really dislike what was said in a post or to show sympathy. No one wants to like the lost of a loved one but there are no other options to show your dislike until now. Stickers are big business right now. Like the days of the Trapper Keeper, kids are spending a ton on them. Facebook is jumping on the trend with a new set of stickers.  During one of their hackathons they came up with the new set.

The Messenger app set of stickers include a “dislike” button. You can’t use it on the actual social site, yet. For now the “dislike” button is only available in Facebook Messenger. ABC News ran a story that Facebook is interested in knowing what users don’t like about Facebook posts whether it be statuses, images or even the ads they see. So maybe one day you will get that dislike button on the site. For now enjoy it on the Facebook Messenger.

By Rubens Saintel

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