Google has Google Now and Apple has Siri. Windows Phones on the other hand is lacking any assistance of any kind for its users. That was the case until now; or rather will be the case. The next version of Windows Phone will be more than an evolution. It will be a revolution of Microsoft’s mobile operating.

One of the most important parts of this upgrade will be Cortana. Cortana will be Windows Phone voice-controlled digital assistant. However unlike Siri, Cortana will have privacy settings that will put users in complete control of what data is shared with Microsoft. Those wanting to get their hands on Cortana will have to wait until the Microsoft’s Developer Conference.

One wonders why Microsoft has not incorporated Cortana into Xbox One. Think about it for a minute. Xbox One already needs an always on internet connection. Xbox One already has a always present voice activated and responsive Kinect. Why not combine it with an AI that offers feedback? Are you listening Microsoft?

By Rubens Saintel

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