Dark Rangers


This reboot is not your childhood’s Power Rangers. The talented pair of James Van Der Beek and Katee Sackhoff show off their acting chops in this wonderfully dark version of Power Rangers. The movie was made by Joseph Kahn and produced by Adi Shankar. This NSFW Power Rangers short film has a Blade Runner vibe to it. This Fan Film was created for the fans. Kahn said he would not be making any profit from the video.

…not a pilot, not a series, not for profit, strictly for exhibition. This is a bootleg experiment not affiliated or endorsed by Saban Entertainment or Lionsgate nor is it selling any product. I claim no rights to any of the characters (don’t send me any money, not kickstarted, this film is free). This is the NSFW version ~Joseph Kahn

For a fan film it sure does pack a very nice acting punch. The cast in the fourteen minute film a very gifted crop. Hey Lionsgate or whoever, lets make this thing movie asap. The full cast is as follows:

  • Katee Sackhoff – Kimberly/Pink
  • Gichi Gamba – Zack/Black
  • Russ Bain – Tommy/Green
  • James Van Der Beek – Rocky
  • Will Yun Lee – General Klank