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Samsung scrambles to recover from the partial loss of business from Apple. According to the Korea Times, Apple will discontinue its tradition of using Samsung-designed processors with its next iPhone. The next iPhone will run a modified version of Apple’s A4 processor. The A4 is on the iPad and it runs super fast. The A4 does a great job in handling 720p playback. Samsung will be manufacturing the new Apple designed chips. Apple’s decision to keep mobile processor design in-house was just a matter of time what with the Snapdragon getting such well deserved praise over it’s speed. Samsung’s bottom line will be hurt but not to the point it can’t go on. It still makes the memory for the iPhone. It’s not known how much faster or slower the A4 will run on the iPhone. The big thing that will get in the way is size and battery life. The iPad has great battery life for now but it does not have a radio constantly trying to connect to a tower like a iPhone would.

Humm.. Wonder why the folks at Gizmodo did not notice the A4 chip on the “iPhone” that was found in the bar?

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