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Engadget is usually a very well informed source posted photos of what was said to be an early prototype of the next generation iPhone over the weekend. Well, MacRumors confirmed that the device in question is just a Japanese knock off. Then Gizmodo checked it out and says it’s real. They say it’s real because it showed up in iTunes, Xcode, and System Profiler, but it has different product identifiers than the 3G or 3GS, and it’s packed with Apple-labeled components inside.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t get it to boot out of recovery mode because it was remotely killed thus now requires a bespoke build of the OS. It’s thinner than the 3GS with a 16 percent larger battery and the same MicroSIM slot used in the iPad.

The Specs
■It measures in at a petite 4.5″ x 2.31″ x 0.37″ and weighs 140g
■The back is made of a ceramic material patent Apple holds.
■The chasis is looks like aluminum
■No way of verifying the displays resolution since it’s not possible to get past “Connect to iTunes”
■The camera has been improved and has a flash
■There is a front-facing camera
■Micro-SIM just like the iPad
■The 5.25 WHT at 3.7V battery has a larger capacity the 3GS

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