You waited up to pre-order or waited outside a store to get the iPhone 6s. Either way the iPhone is finally in your mitts. The 3D Touch is arguably the best new feature of the new device. Apple’s implementation of 3D Touch is of course incredible and intuitive. However some developers have also done a great job. Below are just a few apps which have embraced 3D Touch.

  • Dropbox – Hard press on the app icon and you’ll be able to preview files, upload photos, search, and do a whole lot more much more quickly.
  • Shazam –Simply hard press on the Shazam icon and you can start identifying songs immediately.
  • Instagram – You can post photos to Instagram and more readily see what’s happening on their timeline with peek and pop.
  • Pintrest – You can see what’s trending via peek and pop, create a board, and even search pins in a jiffy.
  • CARROT Weather – If you force press on the app icon to quickly search for a new location or bring up weather information from one of their saved locations.
  • Nightsky – 3D Touch on Nightsky will help you more efficiently track constellations and explore the sky.
  • Launch Center Pro – Users get a shortcuts directly from the app icon. What’s more, the list of 3D Touch actions can be customized by users.