Marvel and Netflix just keep making great shows for us to watch. Daredevil was phenomenal and it appears that Jessica Jones will be just as entertaining. The short teaser trailers have been giving us a little taste of what to expect. The clips of Jessica Jones  were enough to keep us interested. Netflix & Marvel’s Jessica Jones now has a new full-length trailer! 

Jessica Jones looks to be a darker series than the Marvel and Netflix series Daredevil. Not sure how that is even possible but the source material is pretty grim so it might hold true.

The Jessica Jones origin story is that she is a former super hero who could not cut it so she became a private investigator. This is not going to be the Marvel shows and movies you are use to. Even the violet Daredevil could not preparer you for the mature content headed your way. Two topics that will depart from Marvel are the shows use of strong sexuality and alcohol abuse.

The show will also serve as a bridge for Luke Cage who will also be getting his own Netflix show. Somewhere down the line all the shows will combine for one story line.