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You just got your iPad and you have jailbroken it only to find out that your beloved Cydia apps don’t work. 🙁 Well I feel for you since I am in the same boat. Here is a list of what apps work as of now. It’s still buggy but Spirit for iPad works and so does Cydia. You can start Multitasking before iPhone OS 4.0 comes out


  • Backgrounder (latest beta from Ryan Petrich adds a statusbar icon to see if an app is running in the background)
  • Clock Hide

  • Activator

  • Veency

  • CyDelete

  • OpenSSH

  • SBSettings

  • Rock app

  • iSteamy

  • Snes4iPhone

  • vlc4iphone

Not working:

  • ProSwitcher
  • Kirikae

  • Circuitous

  • iBluenova

  • Winterboard

  • Lockinfo

  • mQuickDo

  • Latest SBSettings beta fixes the landscape issues and puts the window back in the middle of the screen download the beta, you have to add BigBoss’s beta repo:

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