Here is a Nice & Quick way to add more functionality to your Flashy
newly Jailbroken iPad. You can enable Voice Control on the iPad – this
works on Both iPad Wi-Fi & iPad Wi-Fi+3G Models. Once enabled this
feature will allow you to search songs,start playing music, Skip a
Song & more with Voice Commands just like the iPhone.

JailBroken iPad, have Open SSH Installed on the iPad from Via Cydia.
You Must know how to navigate & Be Safe when you are inside the root
folder of your iPad. Always Backup your Files somewhere safe before you edit them.

Step 1.
Gain Root Access to your iPad via SSh.
Once You are inside the root folder – Navigate to the following location.
/ System / Library / CoreServices /
Look for the File K48AP.plist and transfer it to the Desktop of your computer.
Save a copy as backup before you modify it.

Step 2.
Open K48AP.plist file with a simple text editor such as (Text Edit or Dashcode on Mac – Notepad or Notepad++ on windows)
Below the capabilities area add the following key
After “voice-control ”

Below ScreenShot shows Where we have Entered the String Value.
As well as how it should look after been done.

Last Step – Reboot (not repsring) and Enjoy the Voice Control on your iPad. i persoanly have gontten this to work once on my friends iPad. Now got it working 100%.
(Hold Home Button Down & Voice Controls will show up)


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By Rubens Saintel

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