Broadpoint AmTech research analyst Brian Marshall has some bad news for you.
“AT&T had to do something dramatic to get the iPad,” said Brian Marshall, a Wall Street analyst at BroadPoint AmTech. AT&T’s move was to discount their normal wireless data plans by 50% to iPad customers. As part of the tit-for-tat, AT&T got what it wanted. “For that pricing [on the iPad], AT&T was able to negotiate a six-month extension on the iPhone exclusive,” Marshall said.

At this point I think it is a 50/50 chance either way. With the iPhone HD (I used to still call it iPhone 4G until I learned about the 720p capability) Verizon can get some much new customers that AT&T might never catch up. I am willing to say that AT&T Will do whatever it takes to keep the iPhone with them. One think they might do is lower the price of data like they did with the iPad.

Ok that is enough on the iDevices for a while a member told me I was turning to a fan boy since my last few blogs have been about them.

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