With Microsoft buying the company behind Minecraft one would expect it to hit Halo Lens before any other VR type product. However that looks like it won’t be the case. The game that everyone of all ages loves to play is now on Gear VR. Minecraft is the perfect fit for the VR world. It has infinite procedural generated worlds that should help players be more immersed in the world. Mojang announced the immediate availability of Minecraft: Gear VR Edition on Wednesday. The game is not a watered down version either. The game has all of the same features as the Pocket Edition. On top of that the game will feature cross-platform play with the Pocket and Windows 10 editions.

Mojang recommends a Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S7 for draw distance and resolution. If you do have an older phone the game will still play but good luck on it looking as nice. Also don’t expect the game to fully put you in the VR world as it was not built from the grown up for that. You’ll still need a gamepad in order to battle, build and move around the world. This is just a taste of the VR Minecraft. The full Mojang virtual reality edition of Minecraft is still being worked on for Oculus Rift.

By Rubens Saintel

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