No Man’s Sky is one game that does something few have done before. It opens up people to a new way of playing video games. However to really enjoy the game you are going to need a good ship. To upgrade your ship into something that is helpful in the game you will need units. Lots and lots of units. Units are the in-game currency. You can get units by gathering resource and trading on the galactic market. That takes hours and hours of work. Since the internet never lets you down. It has found a FastPass way to units. There is an exploit that allows you to duplicate the game’s most valuable items. It’s a very simple process.

How to Do The No Man’s Sky Unlimited Units Exploit:

  1. Clear out a few slots in your ship’s inventory.
  2. Have an item you want to duplicate in your inventory (i.e. Atlas Stone, Warp Cell, piles of Gold, etc.).
  3. Fly into space from the system’s space station and kill yourself (attacking a freighter might be the easiest way to do this).
  4. When you respawn in the space station, enter the menu, head to the ‘Options’ tab and select the ‘Reload previous’ button below the ‘Saved Game Data’ header to reload the last save.
  5. All the items in your inventory before your death will still be there, but you can also fly back out into space and pick up all of the items from your grave, effectively duplicating everything in your inventory.


By Rubens Saintel

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