The highly anticipated Super Mario Run is finally out on the iPhone AppStore. You downloaded it but now it keeps crashing. Now worries, this How to bypass jailbreak detection in Super Mario Run. Honestly it should not be a surprise anyone who has a jailbroken device that Nintendo built jailbreak detection into the game. The main reason they don’t let you play without out an internet connection is because they are worried about piracy.

Nintendo is not the first and it won’t be the last game company to have jailbreak detection. Pokémon GO has the same protection and just like that game there is a way around it. Just keep in mind as we stated before that Super Mario Run requires an active internet connection at all times. That means it is always checking with Nintendo servers. So we are not responsible if you happen to get locked out of the game or even banned from playing it. I highly recommend that you keep on top of your Cydia updates. Ok if you are still want to this, here we go. You can watch the video below or read a little bit further down.

How to play Super Mario Run on a jailbroken iPhone

  1. Download and install Super Mario Run (Kind of a give me but you never know)
  2. Open  Cydia
  3. Search for the tweak “tsprotector”
  4. Make sure you select tsProtector 8+ (iOS 9 & 8). It’s a paid tweak, but it comes with a limited free trial that lasts forever, and that’s all you’re really going to need. So you won’t have to pay anything to make this work.
  5.  Click on the blue Install button at the top right. After the install the phone will restart.
  6. Go to your Settings app from your Home screen.
  7. Go down to tsProtector preferences pane
  8. Click on  Black List & select MARIO RUN  

Note: You have to uninstall xcon for this tweak to work.

By Rubens Saintel

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