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As part of the iOS update expected this fall, Apple can automatically delete unused apps from your phone.  I’m torn about how I feel with this one.  On one hand, I have a storage issue.  I have a teeny tiny iPhone and not enough room for all my data and apps.  So this might be a good way for me to free up some storage space.  On the other hand, I don’t know that I like the idea of Apple making these decisions for me and deleting my apps willy-nilly.  There are other ways to free up storage space, but sometimes those aren’t even enough.  I regularly delete podcasts, music and photos.  Even moving things to iCloud, but it never seems to be enough.  Will this help?

I find that there are a couple of apps that use a TON of storage on my phone.  I’m not trying to pick on Instagram and Twitter, but those are two major culprits.  I often find myself deleting and reinstalling just so I can free up some space.  That being said, is Apple onto something? Or is this just lip service to a bigger issue?  That being, there are some apps out there that just use up all of your storage space?  In my case, Instagram and Twitter would never be deleted because I use them almost daily.  So that wouldn’t necessarily help.  I regularly go through my apps to determine what I need and what I don’t.  But, if I’m being honest, I have very few on my phone.  Why?  Because I have no storage space!

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My issue likely isn’t the issue for the average user.  I am curious to know if this would help you with your storage issues, or frustrate you?  I can see it frustrating some users.  How dare Apple just commandeer my phone and start removing apps?  In Apple’s defense, that’s not quite what they’re doing.  Deleted app’s data and documents would remain on your phone.  So not completely gone.  Further, apps that have been automatically deleted will appear as a grey-ed out icon on the home screen.  Meaning, you can tell that it’s been removed, but you won’t forget about it completely.  Obviously, you can go and reinstall the app if you still want it.  And it only works when your storage capacity is running low.

Additionally, you can turn this feature off.  So I guess it’s voluntary?  It’s a bit confusing then.. they’re not automatically deleting your apps.  You’re giving them permission to delete them?  And if that’s the case, why can’t you just log in and do it yourself?  Like I said, I’m torn with this one.  On one hand I like the idea of freeing up storage space, but on the other hand I’m just not sure that it would help me.  As an alternative, I would like to see apps that don’t take up as much storage space.  What good is my phone if I can’t store 5 pictures on it because Instagram is using up the majority of my storage?  I hope that last sentence doesn’t make me sound too bitter.  What do you think?  Will you use this feature?

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Another interesting feature, which might get more use than the app auto-delete, and that’s auto-delete for old conversations. This feature will auto-delete your iMessages that are over a year old.  Which I feel like is people just being lazy.  Delete the data, or save it somewhere else.  Is it necessary to keep it in your iMessage app?  For real? I am torn over this update, but I do think that I will likely take advantage of it.  Like I said, I have a storage issue, so any possibility of freeing up some storage space, I’m going to jump on.  It’s hard to say if it’s going to have the intended effect that I’m sure Apple hopes.

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