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Apple makes a boatload cash every year so your little issue with no service has never bothered them before. So why all the humbub now? Consumer Reports wholes more weight then Neno Brown (New Jack City, go rent it). Steve Job’s was not happy having to leave his wonderful vacation to come deal with this “over blown” issue. In other words you were going to buy Apple products anyway. Now you other people that were thinking about maybe waiting for fix can get one too. The free bumpers should help.

The company’s fiscal third-quarter results are buoyed by iPad and iPhone sales, as it earns $3.25 billion in profit. That’s right Billion so paying under 2 Million to shut you all up about a magic signal loss location means nothing to them. I tend to agree. I love my Apple products and plan to buy more. Except the iPhone because before the signal lost, AT&T had bad service anyway.

By Rubens Saintel

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