infinity blade

Infinity Blade

I download and review a lot of apps. With that comes a lot of games. The statement Infinity Blade: The Best iPad Game Period is not a reach. This is not all Epic and there great Unreal Engine at work here. Sure they made this game visually stunning and near flawless. Chair Entertainment’s skill and know how have made this action-RPG a joy to play. The controls are a not a mind bending challenge in its self like most iPad games. I am looking at you NOVA.

The game does however have some issues that should be looked at for the part two that is sure to come. The game feels at first like Street Fighter mixed with a turn based card game. It is all about finding patterns, swiping when there’s an opening. It is highly repetitive and yet highly addictive.

You can go up in levels and equip new things to help you beat the game. The last fighter is rank 50. You will die many times. Each time you die at the last person your son will start again. That was cool the first time but it gets repetitive quick. But this game looks as good as a 360 game but it is on your iPad. It is not a simple “rope” or “bird” game. It is a must buy and I mean now!

By Rubens Saintel

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