google talkatone

Gmail users can make free Google Voice calls from the computer. Up to now you had to use Line2 or Text Free to make calls. There were limits with that work around. Namely it was not free and if you waited too long with Text Free you would no longer have your same number.

Enter stage left Talkatone one best non known apps out there. It sets up free VoIP calls, over 3G or Wi-Fi, from your iPhone, iPod, or iPad through Google Voice for free. Yes that is right free. The only drawback that…. Wait there is none. There are also rumors of video coming soon.

How do you do this neat trick that is hidden? 1st you need to have a Google account. So that just covered everyone. 2nd  you need to have a Google voice account. You can have a friend send you a request or just ask for one. After all that is done. Install the app. Login using your gmail account info.

Double-tap on the Contacts header, and you’ll get an option to make a Google Voice VoIP call.
Choose a contact or dial a number, and you’re calling.
Enter a phone number to call or use your address book that will be in the upper left.

Talkatone is a free download for all iDevice. Get it now at the App Store. You are welcome!

By Rubens Saintel

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