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Everyone seems to be jumping on the streaming service bandwagon, especially for television.  We have the faithful and reliable ones – Netflix and Amazon Prime.  But every time I turn around it seems like a new streaming service is in the works.  Companies like Disney are bringing us a version of their own platform, which will eventually host their original content.  But where am I going with this?  While I always welcome competition, I am starting to wonder if there are going to be too many choices?

All that said, Stargate Command, a new, dedicated platform was launched by MGM this past fall.  The service is for all things related to Stargate, as you can tell by the name.  What can we expect from Stargate Command?  Well, they are expected to launch Stargate: Origins on February 15.  What might be the most appealing about this platform is the price.  It offers a one time fee of $20.  In my opinion, this is better than having to pay each month.  But at the same time, what can you get from this platform?  You can access Stargate Origin’s pilot script, as well as behind the scenes access to the writer’s room.  Of course, you can also watch all of the Stargate movies and TV episodes on the platform as well.

But let’s talk about the show.  It features a young Katherine Langford, played by Ellie Gall, who is the daughter of the man who originally discovered the Stargate. While the original movie and TV show spin-offs are firmly in sci-fi territory, it appears that this show will take its inspiration from movies like Indiana Jones, complete with Nazi villains. The new teaser trailer features more footage of Catherine and her father. But there are also glimpses of what happens when Catherine uses the Stargate and is chased by some ominous military types.

The 10-episode series is set in the late 1920s and early 1930s.  What’s most important about the show is that we get more information on Catherine, who goes on an unexpected adventure to unlock the mystery of what lies beyond the Stargate in order to save Earth from unimaginable darkness.  The teaser shows Catherine wearing the same Eye of Ra necklace that she stumbled upon as a child in the original 1994 Stargate movie.  Which is when the Stargate portal was first discovered.

While “Stargate Origins” focuses on Catherine as a young woman, her character also appears much later in life when she hires archaeologist and linguist, Dr. Daniel Jackson, to translate the symbols discovered on the Stargate portal in the film. Catherine continued to appear at different stages of her life throughout various episodes of the “Stargate” TV shows.  There have been a lot of series associated with Stargate.  Not just TV and movies, but novels, comics, and even an animated series.  Which makes you wonder how popular this is going to be? Knowing what kind of fan base that Stargate has, I expect this to be a success.

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