With PSN down Microsoft is taking advantage of it. They have started to formally let removed Xbox members back on the Xbox Live. Also Hulu Plus is on it’s way to the constantly updated system. We hear as soon as April 29th. With the edition of the Kinect it seems that Xbox has some life left in it past the normal shelf life of old systems. Although we will see the new Nintendo system at E3. The new Wii system will come out next year. Will Xbox 360 be able to compete with it if it is really HD. Nintendo is know for there innovation.

Compromise of personal information is no joking matter. Passwords, emails and credit card information were all taken by whom ever. It’s no wonder Sony went after GeoHot with so much force. They knew that the system was not safe but no one had a clue that it was this wide open for hacking. One also wonders if the firmware keys released by GeoHot is not to blame for this recent break.

By Rubens Saintel

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