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Amazon Prime isn’t just a great delivery service.  They also have a ton of great TV shows and movie.  They seem to be underrated in favor of other subscription services – like Netflix.  My recommendation to you is to stop underrating Amazon and start using its service to get all your entertainment needs. There’s a good chance that you’re paying for the service,  and not taking advantage of it.  In this post, we will explore some of the best TV shows and movies to watch on Amazon Prime right now. Some of these are new, but some of these are classics that should be watched on repeat every now and again.


An FBI agent, Nate Foster, is recruited to go undercover in a white supremacist group after a dangerous chemical is stolen.  As he integrates himself into the group, Foster uncovers a deadly plot to use the stolen chemical to create a dirty bomb, and he must race against the clock in order to uncover who’s making it, when it will be used, and where.


Ok, so not all of these are new, but you have to admit, Philadelphia is kind of great.  Who doesn’t think Denzel gives an amazing performance? After he is fired by his high-powered law firm, Philadelphia lawyer Andrew Beckett teams with rival attorney Joe Miller to sue the firm for discrimination, believing that he was set up to be terminated because of his status as an AIDS patient. As the two work together, they unravel the defense’s case as Miller tries to overcome his own homophobia.

The Karate Kid

Another classic, the Karate Kid is one of my boyfriend’s favorites.  When Daniel LaRusso moves with his mother from New Jersey to Los Angeles, he finds himself having a difficult time fitting in, experiencing bullying at the hands of students of a local dojo. After meeting his building’s handyman, however, Daniel is taken under his wing to learn martial arts and finds both the ability and confidence to stand up for himself.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer

This is a new addition to Amazon Prime’s Video lineup.  After a grave mistake years before, a surgeon and his family find themselves terrorized by a teenager who seems to have some supernatural hold over them. As the conditions visited upon his family get progressively worse, the surgeon’s actions become increasingly desperate leading to dark consequences for the entire group. This one comes this week, on April 5.

All or Nothing: The Michigan Wolverines

If you’re into college sports, you’re going to want to check this one out later in the week.  his behind the scenes sports series takes a look at the Michigan Wolverines during their 2017 season. The series takes a look at the lives of the coaches and players both on and off the field as they try to carry on the legacy of the team from Ann Arbor. A favorite team of mine, I can’t wait for April 6 to arrive so I can check this one out.

The Florida Project

Last, but not least. This film follows the life of a six-year-old girl as she lives with her young mother in a budget motel close to Disney World. While the child spends her summer days having fun with her friends, she remains unaware of the difficulties of the life her and her mother lead.  This definitely tugs at your heart strings because you’re torn between wanting a better life for the child and understanding how happy she is.

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