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Video games that involve some kind of combat or fighting aren’t exactly new.  Think about the games you used to play when you were growing up.  Maybe it was at the local arcade, or maybe it was at home on your gaming system.  Was Mortal Kombat your favorite, or maybe Street Fighter?  That might have been a long time ago, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy fighting games now on your iPad and iPhone.  Check out Saintel Daily’s List of the best fighting games for you to enjoy on your Apple device.

marvel contest of champions

Marvel Contest of Champions

One of the most popular fighting games on the App Store, for a very long time, is Marvel Contest of Champions.  In it, there is every Marvel hero and villain that you can name (and likely more).  Marvel is hugely popular right now so it makes sense that people are going to want to play a game with all their favorite superheroes and villains.  There are a ton of different game modes and some really neat character advancement options.  The game is super entertaining and a must play for anyone who’s a fan of Marvel.  The on-screen controls are also really responsive, and honestly, this is a game that anyone can play.

mortal kombat x

Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat has been around for a really long time.  If you’re as old as I am, you will remember playing this in the 90s.  Mortal Kombat X is a fantastic mobile game that gives you everything you want from a modern fighting game.  All your favorite Mortal Kombat characters are here, along with some new ones thrown into the mix. And if you love ultra-violence, you’ll love what this game has in store. To that point, this game is not recommended for younger kids, as the mature rating would imply.

beat street

Beat Street

Beat Street is a really fun, quirky game that allows you to beat up other characters.  It manages to pack a lot into a rather simple game.  As you progress through the game, you learn more moves that you can use to beat your opponents.  You and your friends can take on challenges together if you want.  The app also gives you a lot of rewards – including daily bonuses and new items every time you beat one of the bosses.  This is one of those games that is excellent on your morning commute, so long as you’re not driving.

shadow fight 3

Shadow Fight 3

Maybe you’ve played the first two versions of this game, but this entry is extremely smooth.  And it’s a huge step up in quality.  Shadow Fight 2 was pretty incredible in its own right, so this game is nothing short of amazing.  The second game had some stylish 2D art, but in Shadow Fight 3, you get 3D rendered arenas that are packed with a surprising amount of detail.  This game is free, although, you’ll have to manage some in-game purchases in order to buy new weapons and any upgrades you might need.

injustice 2

Injustice 2

Injustice 2 puts you in control of the most powerful and exciting characters that the DC Universe has to offer.  While I said Marvel is really popular right now, DC is up there as well.  Some might argue that they are more popular than Marvel, but I guess it depends on if you prefer Batman or Spiderman.  Either way, this game will let you be Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Arrow and even villains like the Joker. So what’s not to love?

What is your favorite fighting game?  Did we list it here?  If not, let us know what it is, and why you don’t think it made our list.