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Fortnite Makes $25 Million From In-App Purchases in Just One Month

Can you believe it? Fortnite makes $25 million from in-app purchases in just one month. Is it possible to make more money from the game?


Fortnite continues to be a huge success since it launched on iOS just a month ago. After earlier, record-breaking numbers, Sensor Tower now reports that the app crossed $25 million in revenue during its first month.  That’s insane!  What’s even more insane is that revenue is projected to hit $500 million in the first year.  I say it again – that’s insane! We’ve been writing about it at Saintel Daily, and while it’s no secret that it’s a popular game, it’s hard to believe it’s as popular as it is.  I want to reiterate the fact that this is in the first month alone.

Throughout the first month, Sensor Tower’s data shows that Fortnite has grossed a whopping $25 million in the form of in-app purchases.  This is also incredible, don’t you think?  When I say also, I simply mean that it’s related to in-app purchases.  In-app purchases is an extremely large business, and that’s being seen from these Fortnite revenue numbers.  During the first two weeks of April alone, the app has brought in $9.5 million. That means it has grossed $1 million more than Tinder and nearly double that of Candy Crush. To put this into perspective, earnings during the first two weeks of this month, Netflix is the only thing that is ahead of Fortnite.  Netflix grossed $12.6 million.  That said, it seems like Fornite earnings are slowing down a bit.


As of right now, Fortnite is only available on iOS, but the creators have indicated that the game will also become available on Android at some point.  Think about what kind of revenue it would bring in if it was available on Android.  There are far more Android devices in the world than iOS.  That’s not to say that everyone using an Android device will play Fortnite, but I think there’s a good chance that this will increase those revenue numbers.  The $500 million mentioned above, factors in the numbers if an Android version is released.  Either way, I think that this is an achievable goal.

Epic Games has yet to divulge when Fortnite will launch on Google Play, but, should that happen by summer—and if the title is able to maintain its current hysteria-level popularity among gamers for a few more months—our estimates indicate the game could be poised to gross more than $500 million by the end of 2018 across both platforms combined.


Fortnite originally launched as an invite-only game back in March, before expanding to all users on April 2nd.  Which means, they earned that $25 million with the game not being fully available to everyone.

Are you playing Fortnite?  The game is extremely fun, and as mentioned, it’s an extremely popular game, so I can’t imagine anyone not playing it.  I am very interested to see what the numbers look like when this becomes available on Google Play.  I also don’t see the popularity dying down as Epic Games keeps updating the game to keep it fresh.

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