call of duty

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite: Battle Royale are hugely popular right now.  This has increased since their releases for iOS and Android.  The purpose of the game, if you haven’t played, is to fight to the death until only one player remains standing.  I wouldn’t be surprised if other studios took on this kind of genre in the future.  Think about it though.  What popular video game could easily be made into this kind of genre?  If you said Call of Duty, you’re not only right in terms of my question, but also in the fact that it’s going to happen.

There is a Black Ops 4 being released this fall, but what is mere speculation is whether or not it will have this Battle Royale multiplayer mode in it as well.  The downside to this?  There really isn’t that much of a downside.  I mean, unless you like to play games alone, and in that case, this isn’t the game for you.

call of duty black ops

I mean, one could make the argument that this isn’t great news.  It means that more and more games might be heading in this direction.  I personally like competition, so I think this is good news.  But it’s also kind of boring because you’ve got apples competing with apples, rather than apples competing with oranges.  The latter is a much more interesting battle when it comes to things like – what is the best game on the market?

That said, this kind of genre for Call of Duty is just speculation at this point, but the secret can only be kept for so long.  The game will be unveiled on May 17th, which is when you will know what kind of game it will be.

Is this disappointing though?  I mean, for hardcore Call of Duty fans, I would say that this probably is.  Call of Duty has three main pillars – a campaign, zombies and multiplayer.  This new game, if the rumors are true, will mean that there won’t be a campaign.  The battle royale mode is going to replace that.  While I have mentioned some pros and cons to this switch, for fans who have liked the linear campaigns in the past, this is definitely going to be a disappointment.  The first question that comes to mind for me is whether or not this is just to increase sales.  Or rather, get sales, period?  I’m not saying that Call of Duty is hurting, but this shift certainly signals that a new direction is needed.

call of duty modern warfare 2

Why make the switch?  The short answer is that campaigns in games are incredibly time-consuming and expensive to produce.  They’re sprawling pieces of content that require a ton of work, even though you know players will only end up spending a few hours with them in the end.  They’re a lot of fun, but when it comes to developing a game, you can see how this could be a deterrent.  The big question I have for you, is whether or not you’ll play the updated version of Call of Duty?